On contract and, later, on staff for a land developer. Produced printed collateral, email marketing, Powerpoint design and several videos (including visualizing, adapting raw copy to script, shooting, editing, titling/animation, voice direction, mixing). Also refurbished and standardized all internal documentation. Worked with external design firms on print and web collateral.


“Reporting to the Vice President, Marketing, George Guerrette brought an incredibly diverse skill set to our company.  Moreover, his attention to detail, sensitivity to branding and inexhaustible capacity to iterate and refine resulted in a more focused brand.”

C. Vaughan Minor, CFO, Edgeworth Properties.


A long relationship with this group tour operator, producing printed collateral, email marketing and numerous videos (all production phases, as listed above), and filled their redesigned website with content. Categorized well over thirty hours of raw video footage and thousands of photos shot by the client over several years in order to produce more than twenty pieces and counting.


“From raw coal to diamonds, from chaos to order, I was surprised by how effectively cohesion was brought to the stories of our many clients’ experiences -- especially given the unorganized state of our media! George’s mind and eye are razor-sharp. On top of all that, he's a pleasure to work with.

Jonathan Watts, President, Canada Cuba Sports & Cultural Festivals.

A project to bring to life the immense collection of a contemporary visual artist, named Shwan Ziwar.

While investors could purchase originals in collections of thirty, a limited number of lithographs would also be licensed to businesses for placement in offices and other commercial establishments. The proceeds would be donated to specific charities helping the homeless.

In addition to receiving the originals, the purchaser would also receive a DVD and hardcover coffee table book of their collection to share in the case the originals are not nearby (perhaps in storage).

There was concern over how Shwan would react to the panning and zooming that was applied to his paintings for the DVD...however, he loved it.

A new website for an auto garage with added enhancements such as a sales page and online booking. A vigorous update to the business’ logo was also in order. The strategy: leverage the “Expert” as a mnemonic throughout the site. Also established an email account associated with the domain (ISP’s address was used, previously). A poster was also designed to promote the online booking feature.

A new website and menu with consistent branding and design carried throughout both pieces. Also established an email account associated with the domain.

A complete reorganization of their old site with an elegant design befitting this ensemble’s long history in the community. Also established an email marketing account.


“George possessed just the right creative insight to compliment Shwan’s artistic style. His respect for the artist was present every step of the way as he developed an elegant visual showcase.”

Wayne Malton, President, Shwan Galleries.

A pro bono project. A profile video of perhaps one of the proudest efforts of Toronto jazz radio station, JAZZ.FM91; The JAZZ.FM91 Youth Big Band. All interviews, videography, graphics and editing were handled.

A pro bono project. This entity will be a fundraising effort directed at NHL professionals who are  alumnae of The Toronto Marlboros hockey teams. The programs it will run would focus on assisting disadvantaged kids to get into the Marlboro junior leagues teams and training programs. A logo, promotional video and website were developed, as well as an email marketing platform, ready to go.

A long overdue update requiring a clean aesthetic was in order for this noted composer’s website. Beneath the cosmetics, however, lies the result of comprehensive counselling to organize a mountain of audio content and related information into a structure that makes it easily accessible to the site visitor. It’s an online store without the “store” feel, preserving the artist’s intergity while enabling his clients’ typical need for instant gratification.